This feature is available to sellers only
Go to the Add Product section click here
Choose the type of product, single or multiple
Complete the product information
Single product is the addition of one product to bid on
A multi-product is adding a group of similar or different products to bid once as a whole
The live auction is a public auction using live streaming technology (video-audio) within a specified period between (2-7) minutes, with the possibility of granting bonus time to the bidders.
A hotsale auction is an auction that takes place for 45 days without live streaming , with the possibility of renewing the offer period, and the seller can accept the sale of the product at any time and at any price
The normal auction is an option within the live auction, in which the buyer is need to complete the payment process within 12 hours and the seller to accept the offer within 12 hours
fast auction is an option within the live auction and differs from the normal auction by using it to sell the products to be sold quickly (food products / meat / vegetables / fast travel ..... etc.) and it is required that there be a representative to receive the product directly and pay within 15 minutes and that the Seller gives approval within 30 minutes
The bidding is part of the hotsale auction and allows the product to be sold within 45 days with the opportunity to sell at any time and at any price
Fixed price is an option within a hotsale auction that allows the product to be sold at a fixed price that is not negotiable or bidding.
Allowed: 10 photos with a size not exceeding 5 megabytes per photo
The auction badge appears one hour before the auction starts on the product page. It is an aesthetic design that appears to bidders as a countdown to the moment the live stream starts with some auction information.
The return and exchange policy is specifically related to the seller's requirements and is between the seller and the buyer without any responsibility on the MAZAADY company.
Selling to the highest value: the product is sold to the highest value and the seller is not entitled to reschedule or offer the product at another auction. Sale under approval : the final sale price is reviewed for approval or rescheduled within 12 hours by the seller, and if no decision is made within the specified period, the auction is canceled. estimation value : When the auction reaches the estimated value or higher than it at the end of the auction, it is considered sold and it is not allowed to return it, and if it is less than the estimated value of the seller, he has the right to accept the sale or reschedule the auction for another time.
Live : It contains the live stream and presentation of the product .
voice : Has pictures with audio only
Yes, the seller can sell the products in any currency he wants, but when he requests the financial dues from the wallet, it will be transferred to the address of the banking information available in the user's profile
It will be in the user's bank account currency