Go to the shipping page in the Shipping and follow-up section click here
You will find the product to follow the shipment status for
The follow-up section shows the products with personal receipt with the personal receipt code or the shipped products that have not been received due to (customs - non-conformity ... etc.)
pon completing the payment process and purchasing the product, and if the product is required to be received in person, the receipt code will be sent to the buyer on the registered email and in the follow-up section of the selected product
When the buyer receives the product and ensures that the specifications are in compliance, the code must be delivered to the seller
The seller must enter the delivery code received from the buyer in the follow-up section of the selected product in the Activate Receipt box and press the Confirm button.
In some cases, when the buyer receives the product personally, the product may not conform to the specifications, or the buyer does not take delivery of that. The affected user must either the buyer to recover the amount paid or the seller to allow the possibility to sell the product again to the next bidder or reschedule the auction for another date
The user must go to the follow page click here
Click on the complaint button and submit a detailed complaint
We will communicate and coordinate with the customer service team at Mazaady to solve the problem
After opening the complaint from the follow-up department for the specific product, the situation is evaluated by customer service and after making sure that the product has not been received and its reasons, the buyer’s amount is transferred to the buyer’s wallet account
A warning will be issued to the user who caused the problem and violated the general conditions
After opening the complaint in the follow-up section and solving the problem by customer service and making sure that the product is not actually received and delivered, the product will be activated and it will automatically appear in the list of my products and it will be possible to delete it, sell to the next bidder, or reschedule it
When adding the product and the product is among the shipable categories, the last step will be the section to be filled in for the shipping information
Multiple products cannot be shipped and will only be available for personal collection
There are some categories that cannot be shipped due to the terms and conditions of shipping companies, for example (cars - real estate - jewelry .... etc.)
In the last step in adding a product, the information that says that the product can be shipped or not will appear
There are cases of non-shipable products in which personal receipt is mandatory
There are shipable products and therefore personal receipt is an optional
By entering the shipping page in the Shipping and follow-up section
In the event that the shipping company does not accept the receipt of the product for reasons related to the terms and conditions of the shipping companies, then a notification will be sent to the buyer to select the option to cancel the order and refund the full amount or choose personal receipt and refund the shipping value only. In both cases, the amount will be transferred to the buyer’s wallet
Yes, you can after receiving a notification from the MAZAADY site in the shipping and follow-up section for the specific product
The buyer is responsible for not entering the product, as he must be aware of the customs laws in his country. In the event of product damage, no refunds will be made
If it is decided to return the product by customs, the buyer can contact customer service to find out the amount of the amount that can be refunded
It is the buyer's responsibility to pay the taxes due