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It is a message sent after confirming that the buyer has received the shipped product through MAZAADY site, in which the product conformity to the specifications mentioned on the product page page is determined from the lack of conformity
After opening the complaint, the customer service department contact directly with the seller and the buyer and provides several solutions to solve the problem of non-conformity, including the possibility of accepting a discount at an agreed ratio between the seller and buyer, and in the event that the discount is not accepted by one of the parties, the product is returned to the seller (please review the policy of Buying and selling)
Acceptance of discount is not mandatory
In the event of a problem with the product not matching, and out of the concern of Mazaady Company to protect the rights of the seller and the buyer, the customer service department of the Mazaady Company will contact the seller and the buyer and help in the event of the problem, whether by offering a discount or returning the product (please review the buying and selling policy)
When agreeing to return a product, the buyer must save the product as received without damage
The seller is directed to pay the dues due to him as a result of the non-conformity and it will appear in the follow-up section at the specified product
After completing the payment process, the shipping company is directed to receive the product from the buyer and return it in accordance with the rules
In the event that the seller does not pay the amounts due from him as a result of violating the terms and specifications after being notified in the follow-up section within the specified period, the buyer will be required to keep the product with a full refund after deducting it from the seller’s wallet automatically according to the sale and e-wallet policy (please review the buying and selling policy ) minus the value of shipping and commissions
After the product is returned and the seller receives the product and the seller confirms the receipt of the product in the follow-up section, the amount due to the buyer is transferred directly and automatically in his wallet
The user is allowed two warnings and the third one is banned from the site
When the user is banned for violating the terms and conditions, he will be prevented from using the site in auctions or using the wallet for a full month, after which the ban will be automatically canceled (please review the buying and selling policy)
The receipt message is a confirmation message by the seller that the returned product has been received