Yes, you can edit by choosing the Edit button from the active Auctions section in My Products page
It is not possible to modify in the event of bids and only shipping information can be added
the product can be approved, rejected, deleted, or rescheduled to a new date
In the event that the buyer does not pay the amount due on him within the specified period, the sell to next feature will be activated, which allows the seller to sell the product to the next bidder without the need to re-auction or schedule it.
In the hotsale auction, upon the expiry of the free period (45) days, the seller has the possibility to renew the product offer for another (45) days paid in value.
Upon renewal, the bidder shall have the option to bid or withdraw without any liability to the bidders
A continue button appears to the seller when the buyer has not completed the payment and the product offer period has not expired (45 days)
A renewal button appears to the seller when the buyer does not complete the payment and the free offer period (45 days) has expired.
Yes, through the table at the bottom of the product display page by clicking on the (delay) button.
Yes, after the auction ends and the payment process is completed, all contact details of the seller and buyer will be sent to the email registered to both parties