Yes, if the product is available for direct sale by pressing the Buy Now button on the product display page, and it is required that it be done before the start of the live streaming
Yes, it is the same value
Yes, by clicking on the withdraw from the auction button
Cancel all bids of the withdrawing buyer on the selected product
Banning the withdrawing buyer from entering to bid on the withdrawn product
The value of the down payment paid, if any, is non-refundable
Yes, for non-shipable products, the seller's mobile number appears on the product display page at the top
When there are violations on the product, you can press the report button located below the image, specifying the reason for reporting to be dealt with in the customer service department
Yes, by clicking on the calendar icon above the image on the product display page
No, it is not random, but the bids start from the starting value of the auction specified by the seller and with a specified increase as well.
The down payment is always refunded, except in two cases:
1- Withdrawing from the bidding
2- Not completing the purchase