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Location :   Egypt / Al Qahirah / Cairo

Auction Duration :   3 Min

Available Quantity : 1 piece

Estimated value :   USD (USA)

Selling Type :   UNDER APPROVAL

Auction type :   Audio / Normal

Product Code :   7064479799

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USD (USA) 31

Starting Bid Value :   15 USD (USA)

Bid increment value :   USD (USA) 5

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Class : Medical Consumable Supplies
Brand : Granzia
Condition : New
Warranty : 2 years
Country Made : Italy

Description :

  • Accurate results in a few seconds, dependable. 
  • Italian design. 
  • Two years guarantee. 
  • You can measure your blood pressure by yourself. 
  • Easy to use: Wear the cuff and press the start button, your result appears in a few seconds. 
  • It can store up to 120 results.
  • Comes with a smart storage bag. 
  • Illuminated screen.
  • Comes with a Free adapter.
  • Device Material: Plastic  
  • Cuff material: Dacron.


Return and Exchange policy :

We would like to inform you that online shipping service will be available soon

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