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Location :   Türkiye / Istanbul / Avcilar

Auction Duration :   6 Min

Available Quantity : 1 piece

Estimated value :   TRY (Türkiye)

Selling Type :   UNDER APPROVAL

Auction type :   Audio / Normal

Product Code :   2197109349

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TRY (Türkiye) 20210

Starting Bid Value :   16000 TRY (Türkiye)

Bid increment value :   TRY (Türkiye) 1000

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Type : Laptop
Brand : ASUS
Operating System : Windows
Condition : Used
Cpu : unspecified
Ram : 16
Hard Desk : 500
Unit : Gb
Screen Size : unspecified
Color : Black

Description :

لابتوب أسس خارق النضافة استعمال خفيف يصلح للاعمال المكتبية و الهندسية و للألعاب بلون اسود مميز

Return and Exchange policy :

غير قابل للاسترجاع ولا الاستبدال

We would like to inform you that online shipping service will be available soon

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