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Location :   Egypt / Al Qalyubiyah / Shubra al Khaymah

Auction Duration :   7 Min

Available Quantity : 1 piece

Estimated value :   EGP (Egypt)

Selling Type :   HIGHEST PRICE

Auction type :   Audio / Fast

Product Code :   3888079812

Seller Price

EGP (Egypt) 10105

Starting Bid Value :   3000 EGP (Egypt)

Bid increment value :   EGP (Egypt) 50

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Class : Coins and Stamps
Brand : unspecified
Material Made : Paper Money
Age : 63
Color : unspecified
Country Made : Saudi Arabia

Description :

ريال سعودى من عهدة الملك فهد تحفة نادرة حالة جيد من عام 1379 هجريا وحوالى عام 1960 ميلاديا 

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